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Getting a KSSN and iPin for League of Legends Korea

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This question gets asked a lot regarding Korean games, people want to know how do I get an account or they want to know how do they get a KSSN number. The Korean Social Security Number (KSSN) is a vital part in the registration process of any service/account in Korea. It is impossible to do most things without one, the issue for foreign players wanting to use Korean services like League of Legends is that without a valid KSSN / Alien Card Number (ARC) you simply will not be able to play.

There are only two ways to get an ID. You must be either Korean or you must be a foreign worker in Korea with a valid visa. You are issued an ARC number which can be used to sign up for services such as an iPin account. This will work for League of Legends but there are many other places that will only accept KSSN in order to make accounts. If you are lucky enough to have an ARC card or you have a friend working in Korea you will be able to create an iPin account in order to play League of Legends on the Korean server.

The only other option is to ask a Korean friend to help you create an account with their ID. The good thing is that in League of Legends one ID is able to make multiple accounts, therefore if you have a Korean friend who plays you could ask them to make an extra account for yourself. One thing worth noting however is that because the accounts are linked to one ID you have to be careful not to get banned, getting banned will ban the ID and not the individual account.

Online KSSN

You might be thinking I could just search for a KSSN online, well you could do this but there is a distinct problem in doing this. These days you need a Korean phone number on a Korean network in order to register for any of the services on their site. League of Legends for example will not let you complete the registration process without a cell phone on a Korean network.

Some people do sell accounts for the game but as mentioned before you need to be careful because they are likely one of dozens connected to one ID. You could play for a long time and suddenly get banned for no reason because somebody else on another account connected to that ID got banned for something stupid. It would be ideal to get an account on a separate ID or with a friend who you can trust.

This essentially restricts the game to people inside of Korea and foreign workers in Korea. The best way to get hold of an account for League of Legends on the Korean server is to ask a friend in Korea to help you out, your other option is to go teach English in Korea!

If you want more information about creating an account check out our guide to get you started.


  1. rlagusrkr

    August 27, 2013

    i give people My korean LOL ID
    i Am off
    good player send me email
    now LV 21
    good player come go 30 and rank game play
    good player people send me
    i give you ID PW Lv21 good ID

    • RaphAwesome

      December 28, 2013

      Give me the password to your account :)

    • saeed

      January 3, 2014

      please give me a Korean account if u have one. i dont care if it was used or have a bad ID or anything. please :D

  2. Artur

    December 16, 2013

    Could someone help me, its about another game, Digimon RPG, i want so much to play it but i need a korean identification :/

  3. deniz

    December 16, 2013

    Hello guys. I’m european guy from turkey. I want to spectate games and play games in korean server but I’m not korean ;(. pls contact me if u stop to playing league of legends or u need booster ;P . I just wantto improve my self in korea server I dont wantto hack account or anything ;(. Please contact me .. have a nice day….

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