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League of Legends Korean Meta

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The League of Legends Korean meta is not very flexible and when playing on the Korean servers people typically play a very standard game. By standard game I am referring to:

1 x Middle – Middle Champions
1 x Jungler – Ganker
1 x Top – Bruiser
2 x Bottom – Ranged Carry / Support

By being aware of this you can help support your team by picking the right champion that is missing (usually support). The issue with trying to play champions that do not fit in with the meta or are generally regarded as bad champions is that players will just leave. It can sometimes take forever to get into a game because of the leavers and also if you try to compete with another player who called the position first they are usually stubborn enough to play the game with two mid champions. This is not much different to the western servers, however because communication is difficult it is best to pick something that will help your team.

Learn The Basics

It is worth learning some basic Korean and some game terms to help communicate with your team, during the picking phases most of the issues can be fixed by calling certain positions as soon as you join a game. You will also notice too that champions go through phases in Korea and they are not the same as the US/EU meta always. The game is different and the only way to learn is by playing a lot and getting a feel for the style. We have many guides that can help you get started with some basic Korean.

When playing the Korean meta on the EU/US servers you might get completely dominated because the strategies are not typically the same, for example rolling around as five players is a very common strategy in low level League of Legends play on the US servers, however you will not see this much on the Korean server.

The Jungle

Be careful for jungle invasions, although less common these days, at the lowest and highest levels you can expect people to invade and get an early first blood. It is a good idea to scout for an invasion by having someone in a forward position at the beginning, that way you are not caught when taking out the blue/red.

A Jungler is almost 100% expected in the Korean meta and that would also mean you are expected to assist with the red/blue mob depending on your position.

Warding even on a brand new account is pretty much expected on the Korean server as is the support class for the bottom lane so be prepared to ward as you should or you will hurt your team greatly. You should expect ganks even at level one, the game is of a much higher level in Korea than the other servers.

If you care enough to learn the meta and try to communicate with your team you will find that your game will improve and your win rate will be much higher, it is also possible to meet lots of good friends and a solid group of players to group up with. This can save you a lot of time, you will find that learning basic Korean might be more important than your own mechanics in League of Legends in Korea. Check out our guide for learning basic Korean to get started.

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